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Snooker & Pool Table Maintenance & Recovering

If your Snooker or Pool table is starting to show the wear and tear from regular use or if the cloth beginning to look a bit thin in places – or perhaps your cushions are starting to get a bit out of shape.
We can bring your table back to its full glory with our recovering and maintenance service.

We offer the following maintenance and service for your snooker tables:

• Re-covering of Bed & Cushions using top grade pure wool cloth which includes the following:
– Strip off old cushion cloth, check condition of cushions and carry out minor repairs.
– Recover the cushions using new cloth.
– Strip down table to slate bed section carry out any minor adjustments, fill in any surface chips and adjust joints, sand in preparation for bed-cloth.
– Recover the slate bed in new cloth and reassemble the snooker table.
– Mark brush and iron leaving table ready for play.

• Bed-cloth only Process to include details as fitting new bed-cloth
• Cushions only Process to include as fitting new cloth
• Re-stretch bedcloth Process to include as fitting new bedcloth
• Conversions to Tournament Standard
– Replace all components from the slate bed section upward to convert to Tournament standard.
– This includes replacing existing cushions with steel block vacuum cushions as used in professional events.
– Pocket opening cut to exacting Tournament standards and slates fall measurements adjusted to conform to templates.

All components to comply with Tournament standards.

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